Battle Masters Warhammer Goblin Wolf Riders  
July 31st, 2023

It took me months and months to motivate myself to paint these monsters... Here they finally are though, the Goblin Wolf Riders from the Battle Masters game. I will of course use them in any Warhammer or Kings or War or maybe Oathmark if I ever play that game. Check out the first three wolf riders in the new Check out the images in the Warhammer Goblin Image Gallery. I also threw them in to the Battle Masters Image Gallery for completeness.

Honestly, I don't think I'll ever play a Kings of War or Warhammer goblins type army, even though it was the first army I ever played in Warhammer... I remember it was the 4th edition of Warhammer that I started with and I chose the goblins while my buddy chose the elves. Shortly after that we picked up the Battle Masters game, and I took the goblins and the Chaos stuff from that... and switched to Chaos. Shortly after that I gave up on those and just switched to undead, which was what I always wanted to do, and ultimately I still have all of those old figures :D In any case, next week will be more Empire figures from Battle Masters.

Battle Masters Chaos Knights for the Vampire Army  
April 14th, 2023

I painted four of the Battlemasters Chaos Champions, which are Chaos Knights. I decided to use them as Vampire Cavalry in my undead army, and also to play some games of Battlemasters, which is actually a lot of fun! I painted these ones in the same scheme as I painted the mounted Vampire General for my undead army from years ago. I guess I could also put together a similarly themed Chaos Warriors army with them for some OldHammer action, but I have so many army projects on the go already and at my current glacial pace, I'm sure Warhammer will be entirely different by the time I finish it... Anyway, check out the images in the Warhammer Chaos Image Gallery. There are also a few additional images of the figures on their Battlemasters multi base in the Battlemasters Gallery.

Next up, I'm not really sure to be honest. I started a D&D campaign during this corona-quarentine situation and we're having fun, so I may pick up some miniatures for that. True, I already have most of the miniatures I need, but characters love to pick their custom figures, so there may be a female Tiefling Sorcerer in my near future :D

Battle Masters Chaos Warriors  
October 28th, 2023

Happy Halloween! The first five figures for the Battle Masters Chaos warriors are done. My plan is to field these figures as Vampire infantry for my Kings of War Undead army, so they maintained the whole Halloween orange-and-purple jack-o-lantern theme! I really like the figures, and I think they'll go pretty well one the table along side the undead. Check out the images in the Battle Masters Image Gallery. You can also see each figure in detail in the Warhammer Chaos Image Gallery.

Next up likely some Chaos Knights from Battle Masters, but it will not be next week thanks to all the Halloween action coming up. See you in a few weeks!

The Battle Masters project begins in earnest.  
October 21st, 2023

I recently picked up a used but complete(ish) copy of Battle Masters to play with the kiddo after seeing someone's painted Empire figs from the set... I saw the figs, looked into the game again after all of these years, thought about how awesome those card-based turns were, and checked out ebay. The figs are cheap if you're patient, and the games I've had were a lot of fun. The ogre is amazing, the cannon is hot garbage, so naturally I pushed around the Empire troops, constantly getting wiped out by the Chaos army. It was so much fun that naturally I decided to paint my Empire men-at-arms as fodder to so many Chaos warriors and orcs, and then I started painting Chaos warriors, and buying extra figures, and here were are. I have the first unit done which you can see in the Battle Masters Image Gallery.

I've also posted a different picture of the same figures in the Warhammer Empire Gallery because I will also use them for that game as well... if I ever play that game again anyway :) Next up are the Chaos warriors. I've decided that the fantastic Chaos warriors and knights from the Battle Masters game will do double duty as vampire warrior units in my Kings of War undead army. I've been looking for suitable vampire figures for that since I started that project, and was never happy with any of the options: warhammer figs our simply too wild for me these days, reaper figs are kinda cheesy, and I don't really like the Mantic figs. The Chaos knights and warriors though, they are fantastic, and so I'll paint them up in the style of my undead and they should do well! Until then.

Lord Ravenwand's muster for Bretonnia  
October 14th, 2023

I wanted to focus on Andalusians, but with the recent Bretonnian bases that I put together and my discovery of the Oathmark Humans, which are an absolutely perfect set of figures for Bretonnian men at arms, I had to go back to Bretonnia. The Oathmark humans are perfect except for the shields, which were pretty easy to manufacture with some sheet styrene aka plasticard, a knife and a hole punch. That done, I found a new Lord that I wanted to base these figures on as well: Lord Ravenwand, cousing to Lord Stroud (the last Bretonnian Lord that I based a unit around). I will be doing these as a unit base for my Kings of War Brotherhood army, but check out the first five figures in the Bretonnian Image Gallery.

Lately I've been playing some Battlemasters again. Yes, I hadn't played since 1994 I think, but now that the kids are older I decided to buy it - again - and set it all up and play. The card-based turns are just hilarously fun. Now though I find myself wanting to paint up all the figures... Should I?!?

First Andalusian spear unit finally done!  
October 10th, 2023

After almost exactly four years in the making, the first Andalusian 28mm spear unit is ready for battle! It was a pleasure to paint, but it took a lot of detailed work and deliberation. Honestly, it's the deliberation that makes the work take so long... It takes me forever to decide on the fabric patterns and shield designs. In any case, check out the images in the Andalusian Image Gallery.

I painted up a handful of figures for the Lead Painters League, but in the end didn't get three entries done and so I couldn't enter. Of course, instead of saving images of those for the next LPL, I'm going to gleefully show them off here soon! Pictures may take some effort, but I should be posting then in the next week or so.

Andalusian first full spear unit painted...  
August 22nd, 2023

Completely painted but not quite based. I finished the last two figures and put together the first draft of the multi-based unit for my fifteen-years in the making al-Andalus army in 28mm. Check out the images in the Andalusian Image Gallery. I'm pretty happy with these, but there is almost too much detail on all of the figs. A lot of them will get lost in the crowd... With my Vikings I had some that were plainly dressed mixed in to save time and also save some fancy figs from getting lost in the crowd. Not the case with these exactly. So, I'm considering saving some of these for a second unit and painting up more simple figs... but let's face it, that will take me another five years to finish :)

On the topic of five-year projects... I picked up a full(ish) copy of Battle Masters to play with the kid. I had fond memories of pushing those little units around as a young adult, and thought it would be a fun way to get the kids to play miniature games. After it arrived and we set it all up, played a few amazingly fun games, I imagined how nice the figs would look all painted up... Should I paint that game? How should I base the figs? We'll see how it comes together, but you might see some painted Battle Masters figs on this site in the future.

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August 3rd, 2023

I'm still painting up a few more figures for the Andalusian unit, this time three spear-wielding city guard, a banner bearer, and a musician. These ones aren't based up yet, but I figured I'd post pics anyway. I just found out about the minimum figure requirement for Kings of War and I only need eleven figures, yet I'm at fourteen currently. I think I still want sixteen though, so that's two more and then I'll mount them up onto a unit base. Check out the images in the 28mm Andalusian Image Gallery.

Bretonnian knights mustered for battle  
July 21st, 2023

I put together a troop of knights for the Bretonnian Kings of War project that I've had cooking and re-energized recently. This one is a troop with only three figs on it! But I had a legitimate reason: to make it looks like the old 5th edtition Warhammer wedge formation... it only kinda worked out. Check out the images in the 鲸鱼加速器app.

Multi-based Bretonnian Men at Arms  
July 17th, 2023

After a couple years I finally got around to taking some pictures of the multi-based Bretonian Men-At-Arms unit that I put together for Kings of War. I have been working on this Bretonnian Kings of War army since probably 2009, ten years ago, and also the year that Kings of War was initially released! I did see that Mantic Games is releasing a new edition of Kings of War, which is kinda sad because I haven't played with the current edition yet, but also kinda cool because it gave me a little incentive to get going with this project. With this unit, I'm one more step closer... actually, I'm pretty much done for now. Check out the images in the Bretonnian Image Gallery.

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